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  • Brand : Dhanuka

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Herbicide Dhanuka BARRIER HERBICIDE specification details
Brand Dhanuka
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• Barrier is a selective, systemic and contact herbicide of Triazinone group, which inhibits the Photosynthesis at Photo-system II.• Barrier can be used as pre-emergence as well as post-emergence herbicide.• Barrier acts through both leaf and root system.• Barrier controls the weeds of sugarcane, potato, tomato, soybean and wheat.• Barrier controls both narrow and broad leaf weeds. CropsWeedsDose(g /acre)Time of applicationSugarcaneCynodon, Asphodelus (Wild onion),Chenopodium, Convolvulus, Anagallis, Cichorium (Chicory),Parthenium, Commelina, etc400After plantation but before germination or 25-30 days after plantingWheatParthenium, Chenopodium, Melilotus, etc10035 days after sowing when weeds are at 2-3 leaf stageTomatoTrianthema, Celosia, Wild Amaranthus, Echinochloa, Wild paspalum, etc300One week before transplanting or 15 days after transplantingPotatoChenopodium, Trianthema, Parthenium, Carnopus, Melilotus,etc3003-4 days after planting (before germination) or before potato plant attains 5cm height In case used before germination, remove soil clods and ensure sufficientsoil moisture (5 to 10%).Use Barrier only once.Preparation of spray solution:- Mix required quantity of Barrier in a small quantity of water to make thick paste. Keep it for 5-10 minutes, then pour the remaining quantity of water slowly and stir it well with a rod or a wood stick.
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